California, l’appello di Judith Butler

Dear Colleagues,
As you may know, the University of California is facing very devastating budget cuts that could lead to the end of affordable and accessible
public higher education in the state of California. The University of California has been the premiere public university in the United States,
offering extraordinary teaching and research opportunities for international students and faculty as well as affordable education for students of any means. Students are now looking at tuition hikes that will put the university out of reach for many of them.

Faculty are undergoing salary cuts and loss of staff which means that the research and teaching activities of the University are curtailed. 

Many of the cuts are happening behind closed doors, which means that shared governance has been set aside as a basic principle of
Please take a look at the attached petition and see whether you might lend your support to our efforts to achieve transparency to
the budget, an affordable education for students, and maintain the tradition of academic excellence at the University of California. It is
most important that our international colleagues register their concern about the future of our university during this quite perilous time.
(Petiton link)
Judith Butler

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