Slow University?

Contro la pressione continua e la marketizzazione del lavoro accademico, alcuni ricercatori hanno esplorato l’idea di una “slow university“: “the concept of the SLOW University for our experiences of work, life, time, well-being and the very meaning of the University in current times. The motivation for organising the seminars emerged from dialogue with colleagues, our biographical experiences and resistance to the speeding up of Higher Education, the impact of the audit culture and ‘marketisation’; as well as growing pressures, for some, in relation to developing a work/life balance in the context of metrics, audit, efficiency, increased competition, demand management of research grant generation and the importance of hitting performance targets for career development and promotion. The gendered dimensions of these issues have been central to our discussions“. L’articolo si legge qui.

Qui, invece, il manifesto per una Slow Science.

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